TBO Group

TBO Group today proudly services nearly 60,000+ Travel Agents across 100+ Countries for their selling requirements .
The TBO Group is a truly Indian multinational corporation, which focuses on providing a wide range of travel services to clients and agents the world over.


The Nijhawan Group has invested into many startups. The popular one are, InShorts, Lets Transport, Pee Buddy, Advantage Club, Dineout, My Green Box, Fleetx, Whiz League, Yoda, Qdesq etc.

Nijhawan Group – Representations

Nijhawan Group – Representations is one of the leading travel representation companies and is the preferred choice for travel, tourism and hospitality representation in India that provides sales, marketing, research, PR and media solutions to International Hotels, Theme Parks and Travel Related Products through a professional and motivated team in a cost-effective manner thereby increasing market share, maximizing revenue and building new markets for the clients. Our aim is to deliver tangible business results through strategic marketing, personalized service, innovation, quality and commitment.

Airline Representation

The Nijhawan Group represented several world’s top airlines like British Airways , Kingfisher Airlines and Fly Dubai. British Airways was represented by the group for 34 years across India. With the travel domain expertise, Nijhawan Group worked very closely with its airline partner in its Sales, Distribution, Operations and Marketing strategy to be successful in the fast growing Indian economy. Nijhawan Group continues to prove that local expertise and relationships can help some of the best international airlines organizations to maximize their reach, visibility and revenue in India.

CKRDT Foundation

Understanding its role as a responsible corporate responsibility, Nijhawan Group manages CKRDT foundation from its New Delhi office. Foundation is involved in the upliftment of poor and very poor, and works towards the betterment of downtrodden women & children in different parts of the country. The main objective of the foundation is to propagate Indian culture. At its centres, apart from vocational training, students are trained in yoga as well. Nijhawan Group runs a home for orphan girls and provides shelter to 79 girls. This home for orphans provides education and meets all other needs of these girls. Youngest of them is only 2 years old, who was brought to the orphanage when she was abandoned at the age of 10 days. CKRDT foundation also helps to perform marriages of many poor girls, annually.